What’s Going on With Wellness?

With everything going on, you may find your mental health deteriorating, and no one around to comfort you. Fret no more, because the wellness center here at George Washington High School is open for business! 

While you cannot visit the wellness center in person, you can contact them virtually or by phone, according to their website. Their hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM- 4 PM. To schedule an appointment, you can email the wellness center at: washington@sfwellness.org. If you are looking to refer somebody to wellness: you, a caregiver, or a faculty member can  fill out a wellness referral form, including the referred person’s contact information. Wellness coordinator Veronica Garcia says that the wellness staff are currently working out the logistics that would allow students to drop in at any time to the virtual center. 

In addition to providing appointments, the wellness center also has a myriad of resources available for students on their website. There are links to ongoing support such as hotlines, youth services, and family resources. Mental health resources such as self care, mindfulness, yoga, and support service links are also available. If you need information on physical health, there are links to fireside chats with Nurse Boyer-Chu, as well as addiction and sexual health services. Lastly, family and community resources such as information about food pantries, relief funds for undocumented workers, and school closure resources are also available on the website. The wellness website and the online materials provided by it are being monitored and updated on a regular basis, according to Ms. Garcia.

Wellness programs such as their youth groups and clubs will still be offered throughout the year, according Ms. Garcia, but details and specific programs are still being worked out. These opportunities will be promoted to you by Mr. Youn, the Community Health Outreach worker, as well as during homeroom presentations. 

As a reminder from Ms. Garcia, all wellness services are free, voluntary, and confidential. It is up to you, the student, to decide if you would like to take advantage of their services. No information will be divulged without your consent, unless there are concerns for safety, yours or someone else’s. Wellness staff are eager to offer support services, so do not hesitate to reach out!