Ms. Romero: New Counselor

This school year, numerous staff member positions at WASH have been filled by new faces. Alongside the new principal and assistant principal, we have an addition to our counseling team. Elisa Romero, coming to us from Marshall High School, has taken over Ms. Jump’s position after her retirement. With the format of this school year, not many have been able to learn about her and her journey, so take your chance now!

Ms. Romero started her career as an educator by becoming a special education teacher; however, she soon realized that she enjoyed the counseling aspect of her job much more. To pursue her new passion, she earned a Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential and began her career as a counselor. “I really like helping students find their path after high school, no matter whether it be trade school or a four-year university,” shares Romero. 

Although it is undoubtedly challenging to start a new job online, her experience from last year at Marshall High as well as the support of the Wash counseling department have been of great help to her. “Everyone always checks in with me to see if I need any support or help,” says Ms. Romero. “It’s hard to not be able to meet with anyone in person, but I am learning the different systems and getting all the support I need.” 

Ms. Romero’s experience of living on the East Coast and visiting countless colleges and universities adds on to her already extensive skill set. She is not only able to give the students great advice about their paths after high school, but help them get through their final years of required education as well. “I have a lot of teaching experience, so I am able to support students in their academic classes and help tutor if necessary.”

Ms. Romero is a true educator that goes out of her way to assist students in achieving whatever they desire. She has visited many colleges all over the country and is continuing to do so. “I am currently in Washington state visiting the colleges in the Pacific Northwest here as well as in Oregon soon after this!” she shares. Elisa Romero is someone that will surely know the best match for each student regarding the continuation of their educational journey, and she will not fail to assist them in getting there!