Movies During COVID

Due to the pandemic, movie theaters are not open at the moment. In response to this, there have been many virtual releases of movies. Normally, when movies stop playing in theaters, it takes a while for them to be released online. But now, you can enjoy a new movie from the safety and comfort of your own home! 

       Mulan was one of the movies to be released virtually back in September. It was originally supposed to be released in theaters, but, instead, it came out on the streaming platform Disney Plus. This movie did face a lot of backlash because of its steep renting price of thirty dollars, on top of the Disney Plus subscription fee. The price is to make up for the fact they can’t earn money otherwise, given that it didn’t premier in theaters. Another reason Mulan  faced backlash is because the character Mushu is not in this new rendition of the classic tale. Many feel that the writers should have followed the storyline a bit better. In the original cartoon Mulan, the character Mushu was the main character with Mulan. He was the one that helped Mulan throughout the movie and brought comedy as well. 

         Another movie that premiered virtually was Enola Holmes, released on Netflix. This movie follows the young sister of Sherlock Holmes who goes on an adventure to find her missing mother. She uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart her brother, while also helping a Lord, a teenage boy she runs into, along the way. The movie was really on point, in my opinion. The setting, as well as the background, was great in each scene; it makes the viewer feel like they are actually there. I liked that the movie had feminist elements as well. It shows how a girl can go through trouble on her journey, but still stay determined and confident.      

          While these were just a couple of the many virtual releases from the past few months, there will be many more releases soon. One of the new movies coming out in October is The Witches, starring Anne Hathaway, based on the classic novel by Roald Dahl. It will be released on HBO Max. Another new movie coming out soon is Clouds, streaming on Disney Plus. It is the memoir of a boy who becomes a musician while being sick. I think that virtual releases are a great idea. Not only do you get to watch a brand new movie, but you stay safe while doing so!