Making Money During Quarantine

During quarantine, many teens have found creative ways to make money.

Some use apps like Depop and Esty, while others even started a small shop on Instagram. When starting a business, you might not know where to begin. So, here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on what you can do to start your own business and make a little bit of cash! 


One way to make money is by selling clothes on Depop. Depop describes itself as “the fashion marketplace app where the next generation comes to discover unique items. With a global community buying, selling, and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and less wasteful.” Selling on Depop is a great way to make money since you are not only earning a profit by selling your old clothes, but you are also helping the environment by supporting second-hand shopping. Fast fashion has taken over our world, but by being a part of the Depop community, you are helping to slow it down. 

To start selling on Depop, all you have to do is create an account, take pictures of your items, decide on a price, post, and wait! Once someone expresses interest in your item, all you have to do is tape the shipping label onto the package and take it to the post office. Depop only takes 10% of what your item sells for. 

A good thing to keep in mind when selling is to make sure the clothes you are selling are still in good condition, or there is a high chance nobody will buy it. Buyers are looking for reasonably priced clothes that are still in good quality. 


Another way to make money is by selling on Etsy: the creator’s marketplace. Etsy, like Depop, is an online selling platform, but one that is primarily aimed towards creators/artists. “It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.” Etsy is a great place to sell if you handcraft your own products with care and precision. To start selling on Etsy, you will need to create an account and come up with a name to go along with your shop. Next, you need to stock the shop with pictures of your products and come up with prices. Something to keep in mind when selling is to not rush through making your products to ensure that all products are top quality and look presentable to others. Etsy is a great place to sell on since buyers know each item is unique and homemade with love and care. 


 Yet another option to make money is to start an Instagram shop. There are countless Instagram shops for baked goods, handcrafted objects, clothes, and more. Pamela Cruz, a senior here at Washington, has a unique story of how she started her business, @pamelas.artboutiques. She sells custom tumblers that have been painted. Pamela became inspired to start her Instagram shop during quarantine out of boredom. She spent a few months practicing her art to make sure it was something she was proud of. When she finally started her account, she advertised herself by shouting herself out and asking her friends to do the same thing. She continues to practice her skill to improve the quality of her products. To maintain her business, she posts a lot of content to her account and uses the story feature to show a sneak peek at each project she works on. Her shipping and delivery depend on the size of the order.

During this uncertain time, making money isn’t always easy; however, these ideas have hopefully inspired you to take a chance and make some extra cash. Everyone can start their own business, but it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to make it successful. All you need is passion, spirit, and the right mindset!  Even if your business doesn’t take off right away, it is important to always stay positive and never give up.