Internships and Volunteer Opportunities


Enterprise For Youth

Enterprise For Youth is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of internships to high school students. They cover almost every field imaginable, ranging from arts to medical to tech. The interns also get introduced to a variety of professionals from different positions, and even get a chance to work with them! Places like Kaiser Permanente, Salesforce, and SFMOMA often collaborate with Enterprise For Youth to create amazing opportunities for students. 

Enterprise hosts many events that expose students to the outside world, and involve them in the community. Events like career panels, career exploration, events with the San Francisco mayor— all of them are open to anyone who wants to join.

Over the course of the pandemic, they have continued to  offer virtual internships over Zoom. All events and meetings will be held the same way, so it is easy and accessible by everyone.

Job Readiness Training

Job Readiness Training is a program at Enterprise that you will need to attend in order to get an internship. Through this training program, students are able to earn an internship placement,  a polished resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, as well as access to numerous resources that can help them with college counseling and networking.

From Enterprise, the interns will also be able to improve their leadership and communication skills, time management,  and much more.

The links below can help you to get further information about Enterprise For Youth and a form to apply. Applications due dates are TBD. 


Job Readiness Training:

Opportunities for Alls 

Opportunities for All is an organization (similar to MYEEP, YouthWorks, JCYC) that helps students get a closer look at what it looks like working in a professional setting. They usually have about three to five thousand students in their programs each year. This program is beneficial to students who would like to gain work experience.

During this pandemic, they are going to continue their internships virtually. See below for their website and more information. 



School Clubs 

School clubs like ASC (American Service Club), Interact Club, and Red Cross Club, are all offering volunteer opportunities for students to attend virtually. Everything will be held on Zoom, and this would be a great opportunity for you to meet new people, and explore the different events each club has to offer! 

Contact Information:

American Service Club: @asc_gwhs on instagram

Interact Club: @interactclub_gwhs on instagram

Red Cross Club: @gwhsredcross on instagram

SF Marin Food Bank 

The SF Marin Food Bank, founded in 1987, is an organization that gives out free food bags to people in need. Their goal is to make sure that everyone gets enough nutritious food to support themselves and their families. SF Marin Food Bank offers volunteer opportunities to those who are interested in helping out! Simply go to their website, sign up with the date and location where you want to volunteer, and further instructions will be given. Throughout quarantine, they have continued to provide people with all their grocery needs, but have also taken extra safety precautions such as enforced masks, gloves, and social distancing amongst volunteers. Their volunteer locations are spread out all around the Bay Area, so it is easily accessible by everyone.