How To Make Friends in Quarantine

It is that time of year again, school is starting and we’re all getting back into learning mode. Although we are technically not going back this year because of the Coronavirus, we still have online school. When distance learning first began in March, we were all content with staying home. But, as the months went by, it seemed as though we were stuck in time. Throughout this time at home, we have had a few things keeping us sane: our friends, movies, tv shows, baking, and doing a bunch of D.I.Ys. Because of distance learning and quarantine, it may feel like you have drifted from your friend group, and are now only left with a couple of real friends. Now that distance learning is back up and running, we do not have as much free time to do all of our quarantine activities, but there is still time to make new friends. Instead of making friends in person, below are some ways you can make friends while in quarantine.


There are a variety of apps that you can go on to find new friends. The main issue with this is building up the confidence to message them. It might feel weird or stalkerish for you to message someone you just added as a friend, but here are some great ways to start a conversation without coming off as creepy: 

  1. Find something that you guys have in common, such as interests, likes and dislikes, tv shows, or something that you both can relate to. 
  2. You can also compliment the person. Everyone loves compliments, even if they do not seem like they like it. We all do, it fulfills our need for validation and reassurance.


The App Store on Apple Devices and Google Play store on Samsung devices have many games that you can download to play and make friends. For instance, in Animal Crossing, you can visit a bunch of different islands and meet new people virtually. There are a lot more games that you can download to meet new people such as Roblox, Rocket League, and much more. 


Guess what? You can also make friends in your online classes! Most of our teachers put us in breakout rooms where we have to work with our classmates. This is the easiest way to make friends since you already have to talk to work together. So, you are basically getting to know each other while working. It is a win-win situation! You get to know more about each other without having to slide into someone’s DMs, with the added benefit of getting your class work done. 

    All this to say, even though it might seem hard or embarrassing, you should try making new friends. You could end up making lifelong friends! That is definitely worth being in an awkward situation for a couple of days. Plus, it’s not like 2020 can get any worse, right?