GWHS Clubs

ASC (American Service Club) 

During a normal school year, American Service Club connects and provides students with various volunteering opportunities in San Francisco, which include school events, local festivals and marathons; they want their members to feel engaged at school as well as in their communities. ASC provides a space for students to make friends and have fun! Active members (students who complete a specific amount of hours by the end of the year) will receive a free club hoodie! Their officer election is held at the end of the year, and they strongly encourage students who are passionate and want to gain leadership or teamwork skills to apply!

Meetings are usually on Wednesdays at lunch. 

Quarantine Plan: ASC wants to make the most out of virtual volunteering. Currently, they are working with other clubs and organizations to find potential virtual volunteering opportunities. Something they are doing right now is making E-cards for essential workers. They will continue to keep their members up to date on the different opportunities available to them. 

Contact: Reachable on Instagram @asc_gwhs and Facebook (American Service Club GWHS) Email:

ARK (Act of Random Kindness) Club  

Within the ARK club, members strive to make school a little more pleasant by spreading positivity throughout our community with simple yet meaningful gestures. By participating in ARK, members receive the great satisfaction of helping others around them. They also offer club merchandise which can be purchased at the end of the year. 

Meetings are typically on Thursdays during lunch.

Quarantine Plan: As of right now, they are still discussing possible virtual activities for those in the club. 

Contact: Reachable at, Tiffany Ian (Secretary)

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club can be considered as a team or even a spring sport. In the spring, they  build a robot to bring to competition in March. Their main purpose is to expose people to STEM and its opportunities in a fun and unique way. They provide knowledge and real life experience in the STEM field. And like any other team/club, they offer a chance to gain leadership skills. You will get the opportunity to experience camaraderie and community, not only in their team, but in the worldwide program of FIRST Robotics.

Right now they meet once a week on Wednesday from 5pm – 6:30pm. 

If you are interested in joining, you can contact the coaches, Ms.Spillard ( and Mr. Hajel (

Medical Club 

The Medical Club is about helping students learn about different areas of the medical field. They bring in guest speakers to talk about their own personal experiences in order to prepare the students for what to expect in the real world. They do small labs of suturing and wrist taping where members can learn  through hands on  experience and practice skills they may find useful even outside of their medical career. Every once in a while, they have educational slides where the students can learn about random topics such as the MCAT, breast cancer awareness, common health conditions, and more! They offer a space for students to talk to and make friends with people who share the same passion as them! Additionally, students are given advice about college and careers from speakers, who are actually in the field they want to pursue. 

Meetings are held every Friday at Lunch starting September 4th. Zoom links will be sent out to members.

Quarantine Plan: They plan to continue bringing in guest speakers to talk over Zoom, as well as teach through slideshows and kahoots. 

Contact: To join or for more information, please contact! To join their remind group chat, text @87ac44 to 81010

Washington Red Cross Club 

At the GWHS Red Cross Club, volunteers are involved with community/humanitarian work. They help at typical community events like food banks and marathons (Pre-COVID) as well as educate people on disaster preparedness and provide assistance at places such as hospitals. At their liaison meetings, they offer disaster preparedness training, which includes CPR training and learning proper safety protocol during earthquakes, housefires, etc. The members also have the opportunity to educate the community about these topics with events like the Pillowcase Project and Sound the Alarm. Carnations for Veterans, for example, is an event where club members go to the VA Hospital and give thanks to veterans through the gifting of handmade cards + carnations.

Their meetings are held during lunch every other week on Mondays, starting on August 31.

Quarantine Plan: Red Cross, specifically in the Bay Area , has a lot of fun virtual activities to keep us active during the school year. They also still offer in-person volunteer events like blood drives.

You can join us via Google Classroom using our code “gbtn4cc” or follow us on our ig page @gwhsredcross. If you have questions, email me at