Book Recommendations Based on Movie Preferences

By jazlyn wong
september 2020

What to Read If You Like Certain Movies

Many of us have been watching an abundance of movies during quarantine, but maybe a book will be a refreshing, different activity. In this article are several recommendations sharing similarities to movies, shows, and film genres. 
If you enjoyed Disney’s Mulan, Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh is a good parallel. Flame in the Mist follows a teen girl with a cunning mind…

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Homemade Baked Goods You Can Try Yourself

by renee choy
September 2020

During quarantine, most restaurants have been forced to shut down in order to minimize the  spread of Coronavirus. Because of this, many people, including me, have started to experiment with cooking and baking. I have made pizza dough from scratch, and even made my own birthday cake! Below are some of my favorite recipes to bake.

Japanese Chewy Mochi

 These mochi chunks are one of the easiest baked…

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  Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian Fall Recipes   

By Simone Gabri
October 2020

At last fall is here!  And in honor of that, we have gathered some special fall recipes. These recipes contain no meat or dairy products and they’re gluten free! With these delicious and healthy recipes you can be sure to get your autumn spirit on!…

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Music Reviews

By Sabrina Leung
October 2020

The South Korean girl group, Blackpink, released their very first album on October 2nd, 2020. After their debut in 2016, they have amassed over 50 million subscribers on Youtube. Thanks to their massive fanbase, their new album has sold over 100,000 copies in the US just…

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Media reviews

by arina sazonova
ocotber 2020

With being stuck at home for the majority of our lives now, many people have been finding new hobbies or sources of entertainment. Whether it is binging shows on Netflix, trying out new recipes, or getting sucked into compelling storylines of novels, everyone has been finding ways to stay busy. If you have reached the end of your “to-watch” and “to-read” lists, then this article is…

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why asian representation matters in today’s tv and movie industry

by renee choy
october 2020

 For decades, Asian-American actors have often been overlooked solely because of their race. The Hollywood Film industry lacks Asian representation in its movies and television shows, and on the rare occasion they cast an Asian person, they are typically typecast as a “typical Asian,” usually very book smart, getting top grades, and playing a musical instrument.

Our world is changing, and Asian representation…

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