College Center

Are you stuck on what to write for your college application essays? Do you have no idea what self reporting your grades means? Well then, head on over to the GWHS college center, the now virtual help center for all your college needs! 

The college center here at Wash consists of four counselors: Mr. Touch, the college center director; Mr. Do, a JCYC college advisor; Ms. Klucz, a JCYC college advisor; and Ms. Lei, the uAspire financial aid affordability advisor. They can help you create a college list, complete scholarship, financial aid and college applications, assist you in writing your personal statement and supplement essays, and plan your academic coursework. Their goal is to provide the tools and skills for students to become more thoughtful and informed individuals as they go through the college application process. If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of the counselors, email them directly or use the appointment booking link found in the weekly newsletters under each of their names. 

The college center puts out weekly newsletters on the senior Google Classroom with updates from colleges, various tips, information on lunch and after school virtual workshops, and other resources. The updates provide students with dates and registration links for information sessions from schools such as Yale, Northwestern, and the CSUs. You can also find scholarship opportunities, essay writing tips, and internship opportunities. The workshops offered by the college center change every week, but most of the past ones have been focused on writing essays and the overall application process. Some of the workshops being held in November include: Career Assessment (11/9), Resume 101 (11/10), and Taking Community College Classes (11/11). You do not need to sign up, all you have to do is join using the zoom links posted on the Google Classroom. Check out the newsletter every week so as to not miss any important updates, deadlines, and workshop announcements! If you are looking for more resources than what is provided in the newsletters, check out the college center’s website.

Some application tips from the college center are: stay organized, create accounts with your personal email (not school email), ask your counselor for your transcript so you can self report your classes, and list 12th grade classes as “In Progress” (fall semester) or “Planned” (spring semester). Mr. Touch would also like to remind everyone to take care of themselves. He recommends box breathing to help calm down. “We all hold stress and emotions in our body, let it go by breathing,” he says. “The more we are focused on our breathing, the easier it is to let go and allow new things to enter. A clearer mind will help you discover yourself.”

Whether you need help with your essays, or are just in need of some support, the college center is here to make the daunting process of college applications a little less hard on you, so do not hesitate to reach out! – Chatree Touch, George Washington HS Counselor and College Center Director– Vincent Do, JCYC College Advisor– Brittany Klucz, JCYC College Advisor– Lynna Lei, uAspire Financial Aid Affordability Advisor