VAPA Through the screen

by: Rachel Wan
October 2020

A new challenge arises for music and dance students as the school year returns with distance learning. From missing their spring concerts and field trips last semester to the continuation of learning from home this semester, the students are only more disappointed and distressed. Being visual and performing artists, they rely heavily on performance and teamwork, which are areas that require being together as a group. Participation has become a…

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Spooky season art

By: Jazlyn Wong
october 2020

With October already a few days in, the mid-autumn season is in full swing! This means, Halloween is approaching! However, due to COVID-19, trick or treating and other typical Halloween events are cancelled this year. But, celebrating Halloween isn’t only festive with friends to go out and trick or treat with. To all those who are sad they’re missing out on all their favorite Halloween activities, here are some spooky…

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